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What it’s all built up to: The Push. For more subscribe to our channel – Related PostsDerren Brown – Pushed to the Edge (FULL)Derren Brown ‘persuades’ subjects to push stranger off roofDerren Brown ‘persuades’ subjects to push stranger off roof Daily Mail OnlineCan Social Compliance Convince A Person To Commit Murder? | Derren BrownRihanna And Chris Brown Under The Same Roof!Chris Brown – Party (Official Video) ft. Gucci Mane, Usher

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  • heavyweaponsgaming 1 week ago

    I feel like one reason Chris didn't push Bernie is because he was given a way out. One of the actors said "you either do it or you leave," and while giving him an ultimatum is a great idea, it was the wrong one. "Do it or you go to prison" makes you think the alternative is a bad option, but "do it or leave" just gave him his way out. You can see it on his face where he thinks "ok, I can just leave" and then he decides on that–realized he was no longer trapped in the hellish scenario. I don't know if this made the difference, but it definitely played a part.

  • katlynn perez 1 week ago

    I would have said no too. No way I would kill a man, I wouldnt want to live with that.

  • L Shiels 1 week ago

    If you watch the whole show you will see he was only one that refused but another 2 did push him off the side of building, which is scary, these were normal people like you and me and were manipulated to commit murder

  • what a good lad

  • tdawggs 9 1 week ago

    Push me to the edge

  • Stuart Ravn 1 week ago

    Derren, when did you turn into miniature Guy Ritchie?

  • Anne Mette Hoffmann 1 week ago

    god job you dont kill him

  • Tuelis97 1 week ago

    Wouldn't have worked on me for a very good reason – I recognised the actor playing the black guy encouraging him to push as a Krillitane from the Doctor Who episode 'School Reunion'

  • Paul Morphy 1 week ago

    Derren Brown should do a trick where he puts someone to sleep and then sticks them on one of those freefalling rides at an amusement park…and then wake them just as it starts

  • Nameless Ducky 1 week ago

    dude u cant do nothing to do me my mind is so empty like desert

  • WeirdSmiles 1 week ago

    WHY?! ;-;

  • Family Acosta 1 week ago

    You bad

  • FIREBREATHERCAT 1 week ago

    What about the guys that was the bodyguards won't he see the push?

  • Streaky Haddock 1 week ago


  • BillyOftenWilliamPalmer 1 week ago

    Wouldn't you leave AND call the police?

  • redrumax 1 week ago

    Frankly I used to be a fan but looking at Derren's political views lately I doubt his intelligence and I think as he is showing signs of brainwashing he probably uses stooges for all this crap although he denies it. I think he is not intelligent enough.