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FULL INSTRUCTIONS: ►I N S T A G R A M : ►F A C E B O O K :… ►T W I T T E R : ►P I N T E R E S T : ►T U M B L R : ►I N S T A G R A M : ►F A C E B O O K :… ►T W I T T E R : ►P I N T E R E S T : ►T U M B L R : ►S N A P C H A T: ALINAMODE ►M U S I C A : ________________________________________­__ Alina à la Mode | Este canal complementa el blog de moda, belleza y lifestyle | Aqui podràn encontrar videos de Maquillaje, DIY’s, eventos, entrevistas, Making off’s y muchos màs. Video Rating: / 5 According to good ol’ Punxsutawny Phil, we’re getting an early spring this year. Get into dat spring fever by doing a lil gardening DIY project! DIY Lamp –… ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ M A T E R I A L S ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ☆ Succulent plants – I got mine from the Treasure Island Flea Market ( ☆ Potting soil – recommended, but whatever you find at the store is alright ☆ Vase / pot / planter – Dollar Tree ☆ Rocks – for drainage, Dollar Tree ☆ Gardening gloves – gurl you already know it’s the Dollar Tree bb ☆ Decorative elements – rocks, sand, figurines, anything you have to make it look nice! ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ M U S I C ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Celadon City – Beyond The Window… ~ ~ ~ […]

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  • Dj Silla 3 weeks ago

    Como se llama la canción? buen video, lo hare para un proyecto del cole:)

  • Jazzi Luv 3 weeks ago

    This is so pretty!!

  • Monica karina Navarro 3 weeks ago

    precioso y no aburre

  • angel paul mendoza 3 weeks ago

    en teoría los abejeros de una maseta que trae al fondo de la maceta es para que no se pudra la planta ,la planta en una pecera no es recomendable ya que las plantas en su interior se pudrira al rededor de 3 semanas ,las fotos que emos visto en Internet que son estos ternarios son plantas falsas

  • Ntxawm Hawj 3 weeks ago

    where do you get your succulents and cactus?

  • Ale Flores 3 weeks ago

    donde consigo esa esfera?

  • dooma52 3 weeks ago

    Awesome! What is the charcoal for?

  • Alexandra López 3 weeks ago

    donde compraste los cactus??

  • Luz Athziri Molina 3 weeks ago


  • ElBona88 3 weeks ago

    Hola, hasta ahora es el mejor video para hacer terrarium, mis felicitaciones! Una pregunta: hay alternativas a las hojas secas como capa separadora? Y es necesaria o tambien si capa està bien? Gracias!

  • VivaLaVida 3 weeks ago

    when you feel so proud that you can understand both languages

  • Paridhi Bhandari 3 weeks ago

    Hi very beautiful creation. Do we need to water them daily?

  • Vannysela 3 weeks ago

    Bello! 🙂 Suscrita a tu canal 🙂

  • Coffee at Six 3 weeks ago

    Están hermosos!!

  • West Won 3 weeks ago

    Great job your video is the best I have seen so far.

  • Johangies 3 weeks ago

    que bello me encanto !!! aqui me tienes guapa apoyando besos 😉

  • Mis Marialidades 3 weeks ago

    que bonito te ha quedado! like 🙂

  • Martes Miércoles 3 weeks ago

    Me encanto ! Soy nueva por tu canal me fascina todo lo q haces . Te dejo mi suscripción y mi apoyo !! Te invito a mi nuevo canal claro si no es molestia y me apoyes con tu suscripción te lo agradecería inmensamente .. Gracias preciosa !

  • xooogi 3 weeks ago

    Hi, I'm just starting my first tiny succulent terrarium, and I'm not sure how to gage how much water to give it since it doesn't have drainage holes. I'm afraid to give it too much water and have it start rotting at the bottom, since that's how I killed all my plants in the past 🙁 are there any rules of thumb to gage how much water to give them in a terrarium? Like should all the top layer of the soil be wet? What about the bottom part of the soil? Any tips are appreciated, thank you!!

  • Brucethetriple 3 weeks ago

    I love the terrarium! The little Ghibli figure totally made it awesome. Can't wait to try to make my own terrarium for the office!

  • American horror GOREY 3 weeks ago

    Great video, I love plants!! check out my aquatic plants in my aquarium playlist. Are you married Karen??

  • kartik gandhi 3 weeks ago

    instead of watering them can I put ice cube

  • Keisha Villarson 3 weeks ago

    Hey Karen, whats the best place to get succulents in bulk?

  • Mason Rofii 3 weeks ago

    Omg! I live in the Bay Area and now I really want to go to that flea market! Thanks for telling us about it lol

  • Vanessa Le 3 weeks ago

    Where can you get the charcoal? PLz respond!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • London & Lex Suprises 3 weeks ago

    Wow. Love succulents. Thumbs up! Subscribed!

  • PhrisDiamond 3 weeks ago

    Yay! planting my first ones! Thanks

  • JourneyOfMC 3 weeks ago

    do uou have a cold? ur voice is so cute yay

  • Pt0wN973b0iI 3 weeks ago

    Next time try not to make it "too" perfect looking. A more natural look, looks even better!

  • Pt0wN973b0iI 3 weeks ago

    Plants need succulent soil/cactus soil which is well draining. Regular soil holds to much water which is not great for succulent plants. Next time you can add a bit of sand to the regular soil for drainage. Hold back on watering alot if you are going to use regular soil without sand added. Namasté. Happy Planting.

  • Les Torregrosa 3 weeks ago

    Love this! <3 Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • Alex Cameron 3 weeks ago

    I love your voice! Very soothing 🙂

  • Mario Bueno 3 weeks ago

    Thank You Karen this is very helpful, I live in san jose, and yah the fleamarket is a good place to find cactus.

  • jaycee barnett 3 weeks ago

    Your little figure is a small Totoro. ( you should watch the movie My Neighbor Totoro it's a really good movie)

  • Katherine Oung 3 weeks ago

    So nice!!

  • Jessica Vazquez 3 weeks ago

    I love your lipstick. It looks great on you!