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Current Culture H2O Marijuana Hydroponics Grow using the UnderCurrent System

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System Break Down, Set Up, Grow. These are the steps that I go through after every cycle. I also did a lil remodel to my flowering room (added another LightRail 4.0) The UnderCurrent is a "R...

Hidroponia Vertical (Vertical Hydroponic Systems)

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Apresentação de vários sistemas de Hidroponia Vertical, que você poderá adaptar a qualquer tipo de espaço! Veja mais também em: Acompanhe e curta n...

Grow Your Own Food At Home with Sprouters, Hydroponics & Aeroponics

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With Omega Gardens(Rotating), Sprouters, Vertical Tower Aeroponics You Can Grow Your Own Food At Home such as Lettuce, Microgreens, Tomatoes Sincerely Invite You To Subscribe --- http://goo...

Farm Hydrophonics

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In the world of chemistry, an "organic" compound is often described as anything with carbon in it, and "organic chemistry" is the study of carbon compounds, but there is actually no single d...

Juice Plus Tower Garden

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I Grow Chronic! 5of9 (Marijuana hydroponic grow room setup)

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Step-by-Step construction of a basic indoor grow-room that yields a 1/4 pound of Chronic every two months. Mr. Green takes out the mystery and confusion surrounding the construction and ma...

How to make a Kratky herb garden

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How to make a Kratky herb garden. In this video I show how to make and set a non-circulating hydroponics (Kratky method) herb garden. I use a small 4.5 gallon Hefty 'hi-rise' tote from Lowes...


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Juice Plus Tower Garden

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Starting Seed for the Hydroponic Greenhouse

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I started the seed and showed the growout of plants that I planted in the winter greenhouse. That was smaller scale and specific to it. In this video, I show how I start my eggplant, peppe...

Desert farming Story of Agriculture in Israel – Sweetening the Salt

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Thanks for watching Israel Agriculture Technology Do you want Homemade hydroponic lettuce system Subscribe to watch more: Israel Agriculture - Agriculture technologies ...

Hydroponics vs Soil Grown Cannabis

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Music is by Blackmill Go check them out. Download or get their cd. Really good music. Video Ratin...

Juice Plus & Cancer

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