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Hydroponics for Beginners

Added by 2 years ago

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How-To Build your Own Hydroponic System for Beginners. I tried to make this system as cheap as I could and as simple as possible. It was a learning project. ... ...

Home made Deep water hydroponic system for $35 Easy

Added by 2 years ago

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I use hydroponics to start all my plants, it's much faster and very easy, now with my home made deep hydroponic system I can grow larger vegitables like your... ...

Cheap Deep Water Culture Hydroponic System

Added by 2 years ago

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Medical Marijuana Advisor shows you how to make a simple Deep Water Culture Hydroponic System for .00. If you are just getting started with hydroponics this is one of the simplest and cheape...

Hydroponic system (home made ebb and flood) week 1

Added by 2 years ago

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35 l waterbase, advance nutrients, 12 l pots, 3 sativa 2 indica, 5 weeks of vegging, week 1 flowering. Video Rating: 3 / 5

Week 3 Hydroponic Update – Kratky Method – HUGE growth

Added by 2 years ago

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The third week has proven to be the week with the largest growth. As the time runs down on what we are growing, we are looking at harvesting some greens! Gre... Video Rating: 4 / 5 ...

“Easy Seed Starting for Hydroponics” by Epic Gardening

Added by 2 years ago

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Learn more hydroponic seed starting at It's SUPER easy to start seeds for hydroponics. This method is quick, easy, and requires......

Hydroponic Garden for profit at $918 per square foot, income

Added by 1 year ago

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This is a system, designed for maximum production and lowest cost Lowest water consumption and lowest use of fertilizer Lowest impact on ground water, too Feed yourself; Feed others Run your...

Pollinating Tomatoes (hydroponic)

Added by 1 year ago

803 Views40 Comments A quick video showing you how I pollinate my hydroponic tomatoes . http://www.tomorro...

Hydroponic potatoes??? Yes you can.

Added by 2 years ago

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I have now harvested 33 potatoes from two six inch net pot buckets with the largest being tennis ball size. In about another month I will harvest my 8" netpot bucket which should yield more ...

Fall Garden and Hydroponic Cabbage Update

Added by 8 months ago

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This is a an update on the raised bed fall garden that I planted in late August. The cabbage, kale, and broccoli are doing very well. The plants growing inside the greenhouse are doing prett...

Hydroponic Peppers – Hydroponic Awesome!

Added by 1 year ago

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Lets take a look at the a banana pepper grow! In this we will discuss lighting, nutrient, media, grow method and production! Video Rating: / 5 Video shows movi...

How to Clone any plant for hydroponic or regular gardening

Added by 2 years ago

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In this video I run you through a step by step proccess of how to clone any plant from a cutting. Plant propagation is very simple and can save you a lot of ... ...

DIY Indoor Vertical Hydroponics System – The HydroVert 80 Spot System Build

Added by 1 year ago

547 Views39 Comments for more survival videos and information. This PVC vertical hydroponic system only takes up a footprint of 4 ft x 5 ft. It uses two 4 ft fluorescent lights which...

How to grow Strawberries in Hydroponics, Tips #1 2013

Added by 1 year ago

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2nd season with my strawberry tower. I show you how I get my system up & running & how i transplant my strawberry plants into my hydroponic system. I also answer a few question & show you th...

Hydroponic Nutrients TDS, PPMs and EC Explained!

Added by 1 year ago

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Understand the relationship between electrical conductance / conductivity (EC) and TDS meters (PPMs) when measuring the strength of your hydroponics nutrient solution. (Respect and thanks to...

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