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Wintergreen Studios built this eclectic tiny hobbit house / cordwood cabin with a green roof using mostly reclaimed, recycled and local materials, including old cedar fence rails found on the land, ceiling rafters from a local woodlot, recycled glass and mirrors in the walls, and the windows, door and wood stove are reclaimed as well. The slate floor is from an architectural salvage depot in Vermont. Mat visited this hobbit house with friends last summer and couldn’t resist taking a peek inside to check it out. We love the folding plywood bed (maybe we’ll do something like that in our next camper van!), the recycled bottles in the walls, and the charming simplicity of the tiny space. And we can never get enough of green roofs! The hobbit house cabin and studio is available for rent on the Wintergreen Studios website here: Facilities Thanks for watching! Mat & Danielle ————————————————————- SUPPORT OUR CHANNEL! ————————————————————- Thank you to all of our Patrons who support us so generously and a very special thank you to our backbone supporters: The Burgess Family. If you like our videos, please consider supporting us on Patreon: ————————————————————- STAY IN TOUCH! ————————————————————- Blog: Facebook: /exploringalternativesblog Instagram: @exploringalternatives ————————————————————- VIDEO CREDITS ————————————————————- Music & Song Credits: All music in this video was composed, performed, and recorded by Mat of Exploring Alternatives. Editing Credits: Mat and Danielle of Exploring Alternatives Filming Credits: Mat of Exploring Alternatives Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsTiny Hobbit House with Amazing Green Roof – Off Grid Straw Bale CabinShipping container house – Green roofOptigrMaking a simple green or grass roof on log cabin playhouseGreen Roof Overview by Greensulate CEO, Amy Norquist.Prairie Green Roof

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  • Going Tiny Life - Off Grid Tiny House Homestead 2 weeks ago

    This is really fun and simple. I'd love to build an outbuilding like this!

  • Tara Crocco 2 weeks ago

    Butane stove? Inside? I hope it's well ventilated.

  • Aurora Sky 2 weeks ago

    Just lovely!

  • Zed Wild 2 weeks ago

    Definitely one of the best tiny houses iv seen . very imaginitive and proving small can be beautiful:)

  • Johnson Rocson 2 weeks ago

    That was a wonderful cabin. Portrayed it perfectly

  • master jackoff 2 weeks ago

    at 1:55 the ant's trying to get out.

  • Satori Ankh 2 weeks ago

    At 1:54 a shy ant 😛

  • Dutch Nomad Couple 2 weeks ago

    I think you will have a perfect time if you stay here for a short time. The glass inside the walls makes it so warm and playfull.

  • bookmarkthis 2 weeks ago

    Sorry if I offend, but this is just trashy aesthetics. Even when I see Earthships doing this crap with old bottles and cans, it always looks like trash stuck into a cement wall. Very rarely done artistically pleasing.

  • Wander with Intent 2 weeks ago

    Wow this cabin is great. I would totally visit there. I wouldn't necessarily live there, as I would need a slightly larger bed for two.

  • Martin Tabanag 2 weeks ago

    im new in your channel! i like your content guys! it's really inspiring. i also make mini documentaries but i just started though. would love to collab with you soon. more power!

  • Shie H. 2 weeks ago

    He did mention in the video that there was no shower, but there was an outhouse. This is a rental unit. There are so many people asking where the bathroom was. That's where – outside!

  • jocelyne langis 2 weeks ago

    Superbe mais c'est où? Toilette ? j'adore l'idée de cette construction à partir d'éléments recyclé. Beau commentateur, filmographie intéressante.

  • Arc Kocsog 2 weeks ago

    Could you please use metric, at least as a subtitle? Noone uses imperial apart from the US and other ex British colonies.

  • Carolyn Mihelcic 2 weeks ago

    I like it YEAH…

  • Marco Fonseca 2 weeks ago

    love it… with cold and heat I like to know expansion an contraction of joints…. any especial cement to use?

  • warpnin3 2 weeks ago

    01.11 ! you lazy so and so! Was that white thing one of those traditional chamber pots??

  • Allen Hare 2 weeks ago

    Super Cool space. Just needs a WC and a shower to be complete.
    I really admire all the tiny design and architectural details.
    Thanks for sharing this.

  • Juliet Berry 2 weeks ago

    Gorgeous, looks like its out of an Enid Blighten pixie  story, could live there happily ever after.