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Огород на балконе 3 (Urban Gardening)

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Выращивание овощей, помидоров, перца, баклажана, огурцов на балконе и подоконнике. Фотографии и описание... Video Rating: 5 / 5 urban gardening ideas - Alternati...

Entrepreneurship Summit 2014 in Berlin: (Sub-) Urban Gardening

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Weitere Videos, Informationen und Networking-Möglichkeiten auf http://www.entrepreneurship.de/summit/ Dieses Video wurde beim Entrepreneurship Summit am 11. und 12. Oktober 2014 in Berlin......

“Aero Grow Kit S” , Urban Gardening , Aeroponic System , aeroponische Systeme,

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Vollautomatisches - Aeroponisches Bewässerungssystem Aero Grow 19 - 4 Stk. Pflanzentray , Nährstofftank Tank Abdeckung , kompl.Bewässerungsset 40 cm x 60 cm , 50l Nährstofftank. Video Ratin...

Green Roofs

Philly to Host 2011 Green Roofs Conference

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Cities Alive, the 9th annual Green Roof & Wall Conference will be held in Philadelphia, November 29-December 3, 2011. The event is co-hosted by Green Roofs for Healthy Cities, the City of Ph...

Stewardship for Green Roofs – Mid Atlantic – Green Roof Maintenance

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Green roofs are living machines and tools for stormwater management. Stewardship is the care of those machines. Our Stewardship programs address the needs of newly installed as well as exist...

Campus Green Roof

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Ben Crockett and Emily Casper talk about installing a green roof in the courtyard of the Whittier Research Center on the campus of the University of Nebraska - Lincoln.

Green Roofs

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Organic gardening tips – climbing cucumbers and a surprise rooftop garden

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Grow organic cucumbers that climb on your fence! Create a small rooftop garden on your shed and create a pepper jungle. Video Rating: 5 / 5

The Construction of Milstein Hall Part 10 — Green Roof

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Milstein Hall at Cornell University (Ithaca, NY, USA) was designed by Rem Koolhaas (OMA) and constructed from 2009-2012. These informal videos by Prof. Jonathan Ochshorn document and explain...

vertical gardenings: living walls and vertical gardens

Formación en Jardines Verticales – Cursos Intensivos Profesionales

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Vídeo resumen de los cursos realizados en 2012 de formación en jardines verticales. Más información de nuestros jardines verticales: http://www.alicantefores... Video Rating: 0 / 5 ...

Best Living Walls. Vertical Gardens Blog. Best Living Walls. Best Vertical Gardens

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visit my blog: http://best-living-walls.tumblr.com/ Best Living Walls. Vertical Gardens Blog. Best Living Walls Living walls pictures and case studies collection. visit my new sections:... ...

vertical gardening design and ideas – vertical garden planters

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For more model visit www.goverhorticulture.com vertical gardening by wall garden. make your home and garden by vertical gardening. Video Rating: 5 / 5

Hydroponic Gardening

How To Hydroponics – S02E28 Hydroponic Giant Pumpkin Part 07

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Well this ends the saga of the hydroponic giant pumpkin. And it was a lot of fun to have an entry for an official pumpkin weigh off. When I entered my pumpkin the judges were really interest...

“Disappearing Crops…” (Farming Simulator 2013 w/Mana – Episode 3 – HD)

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Welcome to my Farming Simulator 2013 series! What is this game about, you might ask? Farming, but it is entertaining farming, if that makes sense. I think you should stop reading this and wa...

How to PH adjust your hydroponic water

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in this video I am walking you through how to add nutrient to your hydroponic water supply and PH adjust it.

2013 Early May Albopepper Urban Garden Walk-through

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Growth has begun. Urban Gardening is under way! A quick walk through showing my sub-irrigated window boxes. My 1st year with Rhubarb, Asparagus, Lovage, Bok Choy & Ground Cherries! Video Ra...

Grow Expos – See you in 2014 (Hydroponic Grow Expo Manchester)

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The UK's longest running hydroponics expo came to Manchester in September 2013 - Did you go? If not, why? You're really missing out! Anyway - watch this and see you next year... Video Ratin...

Hydroponic fruit trees for an urban walkway — grow for shade and transplanting

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http://www.learninghydro.org I have an eight foot wide strip of dirt between a ghetto street and my door. In this eight foot strip of dirt, I wanted to lift weights and grow a line of... Vi...